Monday, October 5, 2009


I love Zinnias...I have them all over my flower beds. They are the easiest, cheapest flowers to grow! One hint I would like to share with you is ( my mom taught me this)...start pinching off the heads off your zinnias as they are dying right now! I actually do it throughout the session, but if you have some still live go ahead and do it! Take the heads and put them in a brown grocery sack and save them all winter. Then next spring...take them and crumble up the heads...and sprinkle them in the dirt. Just cover them barely up. really could just crumble them up and toss them on the ground and they will pretty much grow. So just a little helpful hint I felt I need to share with you...I am always sad to see them die in the fall, but I know I will have plenty to plant next spring. If you need any in the spring...let me know...I have a grocery sack full now! YOu can do this with most flowers that turn to seed when they die.

I love to plant flowers and garden. Both my grandparents had green thumbs and so does my mom. When I plant things I feel like I am carrying on their legacy somewhat. They have all taught me so much about growing things and I am so thankful for their advice and love passing it on to my kiddos!


  1. Love zinnas too! And they are super easy to maintain! And they're so pretty cut and brought inside for a vase. The great thing about cutting zinnas... there are so many blooms, I don't feel bad about cutting a big bunch. I know there's always plenty more still on the plant!

  2. What pretty flowers! Thanks for the advice, someday when we have a garden, I will use it!


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