Thursday, October 22, 2009

Daddy's gone...but Aunt Christy is here!

Matt left for San Diego today...bum! I felt like throwing a fit and stomping my feet because I didn't get to go...I mean..California without me???? Really! The nerve! LOL!!'s been a hard week for us and letting him go was harder than usual. He is at a church there...can't remember the name...for an intense conference with just 5 churches there. It should be a great time of refreshing and learning for him. We miss him so much when he is gone!!

But My sister is here! Yeah! My kids love when Aunt Christy and her daughter Kenzie come. We need a distraction this weekend and they are great at it! So we are going to hang out and go out to dinner tomorrow night. Probably go get some pumpkins and carve them. Fun!

And here is what we do when Kenzie is here...she always has the best items to play with! This is her new hat...or cat I guess...So I put it on and they took my pic acting like a cat. Ok..these are the things you only do with family...but I am posting it so just's funny!

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  1. Have Fun! Sister are the best, really. I love visits from my older sis too. :)


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