Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pastor Appreciation Month

Do you know that October is Pastor Appreciation Month? Well I completely forgot about it until my sweet new PW Kate reminded me in her blog.

Of favorite Pastor is my husband...duh! I blogged about him on his bday here and said mushy things about him in it...he is one of the most Godly, caring, hard working, patient, loving men I know. I am so blessed to be his wife...his best friend...his love and his partner in ministry and his girl! He is the Associate Pastor at our church.

But in this blog...I want to appreciate Charlie Curran. He is our Pastor...big dog...the boss! :) Charlie is an incredible preacher. He has always been so supportive of Matt and I. We were in the Youth ministry at our church for about 12 years and I have had heard horror stories from some of our friends in the youth ministry about their Sr. pastors and how they didn't respect them. We NEVER EVER have felt that from Charlie. He has always loved and supported us. We had all 4 of his children in the youth group at some point and they are simply outstanding kids. So this is where Pam...his wife must come into the conversation...I adore Pam. She is so wise and always takes the time to love me and listen to me and I never feel like she judges me. They are phenomenal parents. They have set such a great example of how to raise Godly kids in the ministry and teach them how to love God and serve Him. Pam and I have road together on Youth Quake trips...which for those of you who don't know...that is a trip to CO about 15 hours in a van filled with youth kids! And when we get there we sleep in a tent together for a week and at the end of the week..we still love each other!! LOL! I feel so blessed to have her in my life. I encourage all Pastor's wives to reach out to the ones younger than you and mentor them thru these times of raising kids in the ministry. We need you!!
Ok...back to Pastor Charlie...I appreciate that he allows my husband to grow and be who God made him to be. He is open to change and he doesn't try to control what Matt does. He puts his trust in Matt and shows his support and always has his back when he needs him. He has a heart for God and wants to see people come to and share Him...and how do we do that??...we move it from our head to our heart to our hands to feet...that's our churches purpose statement and he reminds us often of it from the pulpit. He is compassionate, wise and takes the time to get to know each of us. I appreciate that he and Pam come to my kids games and sit in the stands and cheers them on. They are so much fun and we always laugh when we are together. So to end this love fest...LOL...I just want to tell Charlie...I truly love you and Pam and your whole family really...we are blessed to be in the ministry with you.
We look forward to the future @ FCC and how God is going to use us. Thanks for all you do!

Here is the only Pic I have of them together...Seriously...I need an updated one!!! This was a couple of years ago right before we were going White Water Rafting In Colorado.

WAIT!!! I just remember I have this picture from our Young Couples Luau!!! This is how great they are...they let me put all of this on them and take a picture! LOL!!

And he loves Chocolate Chip Cookies so this month Charlie...I will bring you some!!!

And I want to Encourage all of you to write a letter, send an email...bake some cookies...or just simply give your Pastor a hug and tell them you appreciate them. Trust me..they need it. They carry a huge burden for each of you. You have no idea how much they live and breath their "jobs" and they love what they do...serving the Lord.


  1. So sweet, I was choked up! We have been on both ends of the Sr. Pastor spectrum. We had an awful experience in our 1st ministry, and now we are so blessed to have a Pastor who pours so much love and encouragement into us. We have had so many opportunities to grow and learn. I am so happy you feel the same!

  2. Thanks for being a super awesome pastor's wife!

  3. Thanks for the reminder Steph! They're both ~ they're ALL~ really great ministers! And lucky to have gals like you as their wives!

  4. I know you know it but never loose site of the blessing they are to you. It is not like that everywhere in ministry which is so incredibly sad. I know you know that! I love you and I am thanking God everyday that he is blessing you and Matt and my home church which I will always miss and have an affection for!


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