Monday, October 19, 2009

We are Family...

On Sunday Matt continued our sermon series on Our Core Values. This week was about the church is a family. And how we need to work together, love each other and spur one another on in our relationships with Christ. The best part of the I'm a little bias...was when my sons Football team got to come on stage. They played the NFL theme song to bring them in. He used it as an illustration about how we are to work together and all parts of the Body of Christ are important, just like a football team needs all the players to make a touchdown. We all have different gifts and talents God has given us.
I videoed them coming in and their you might want to take some Dramamine because to be taping is not one of my talents! I should have brought my tripod really! I didn't want to wait for the video from our cameras at church, so here is my version. My son is Jaden, #66. He is the cute one up there...heehee! It's about 6 minutes long...but it is just so cute! They are an amazing little team! And yes, that is my hot man up there asking them the questions...ok...I know that's not all spiritual to say that...but I'm just sayin!!! It was a great day @ FCC. To end it he talked about our trip to Yellowstone and how our truck broke down and how we as a family "broke down" also. But we made it thru and became stronger. Yes NICOLE..your picture was on the big screen yesterday too (she is my BFF that we went on vacation with)!! LOL!!

Enjoy! YOu might want to go down and pause my playlist at the bottom of my blog so you can hear the video...


  1. I hope you captured my good side! Yes, Drake Gardner told Kyndal we were now famous.

  2. So cool! How exciting for your son!

  3. well weren't they just the cutest?? how the heck did jaden become a 3rd grade football player?! wasn't he born like, yesterday? ahh!


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