Thursday, October 1, 2009

Virtual Round Table

I have mentioned many times that I love Lori Wilhite's blog. She is a pastors wife in Las Vegas. I love her blog because it specifically deals with issues Minister's families and the things we encounter. It give me great encouragement for me and she is an amazing example for me as a minister's wife. She is so supportive of her husbands ministry...which I haven't been so great at since we have transitioned in the Adult world. I really want to try to reach out to other minister's wives. That is one of the reasons I started blogging...but I never have quite go there yet. So you will see my blog change a little in that I really feel God is using me to do that and to support Matt in his ministry by talking about things we are doing in our ministry.

But Lori has started a virtual blog for minister's wives! How exciting! I love technology! I could really use the encouragement from the other ladies and just see what they are doing and how they deal with issues that come up in a MF as a family, a wife, friends, raising kids and dealing with the people in their church.

I know several of you that read my blog are MW also. I want you to go to Lori's website and tell her you would also like to be a part of this if it is something you want to do. Or maybe we could start one ourselves. They use Tokbox. Matt and I have used it when he is out of town to talk on the computer. It is fun!! You can get to her blog from here

Here is the picture she posted that she took of the other ladies while they were talking. From all over the US! I just think it is so cool!

SO email me if you are interesting in doing this with me and we could start our own tokbox or let Lori know on her website and we could join in on theirs. I think it is a great idea! I have so many girlfriends I went to college with that are in the ministry and we need to try to catch up with this great tool!!


  1. I saw that on her website too! I think it's a really cool idea. I would have to get a web cam for my computer though, but I think the hubby has an extra one. I would love to "talk" to other Pastor's Wives!

  2. I love that - Sherry and I have been trying to do a study together and just email back and forth but we could use this Tokbox deal. So excited about that!! Thank you for sharing this!


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