Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pray for Maggie

Here is Maggie...

I would like to ask you to please pray for our sweet little yellow lab Maggie. If you have a pet or like animals you know how they can become part of your family. My kids love our dogs! My oldest wants to be a vet and would love to breed and raise dogs. She loves and cares for our dogs and it amazes me her love for them. Our dogs are my kids best friends!

6 weeks ago Maggie had 8 sweet little pups. I have put pics of them on here. She has not ate very well since. On Sunday we noticed her belly finally getting bigger...we thought she was eating better, but by Tuesday night her belly was huge and swollen!! Our vet goes to our church and she is actually the one we got Maggie from so she loves Maggie. We took her there and found out her uterus was infected and they she would need to be spayed. Which long story...we had Maggie's grandma, Grace. It was Matt and I's first dog and we loved her so much. She died last year at 13. Maggie is her great grand daughter and we got her in hopes that we could carry on the lineage of Grace. So my kids were sad to find out we wouldn't be having any more pups. We didn't plan on having this liter we have now, a dog got in our yard and it was a yellow lab, without papers.

Anyway...Our vet...Kristina, opened Maggie up and she had fluid all over her belly. It wasn't her uterus like we first thought. Her liver is not functioning correctly and her Gall bladder is 2xs the size it should be. They had to take a sample of her liver and they are sending it off to be tested. Kristina had to just close her back up and now we have to wait. Wait and see if it is just an infection or something more. She is in critical condition right now. Ok...and I know some might be thinking...good's just a dog...get over it! But as a mom...seeing the look in your sweet babies eyes when you tell them their precious dog is not doing good..well I am in tears. I hate seeing them so sad. I know there are bigger things to be praying about, but today...this is big to our family. So please pray for Maggie to come thru and be ok. She is such a sweet dog. Every one who comes over loves this dog. She has a personality like no other dog I have ever seen. When she looks at you, I swear she smiles and she just wants you to love on her.

If there is anyone that can take of her I know God can...and I fully trust our Vet Kristina. She loves animals and would move heaven and earth to take care of Maggie. One more thing...financially we can't afford to pay $1,000s of dollars to take care of her, so pray we dont' have to make a decision based on how much it all will cost.
So just pray for our family and I know what ever happens God is going to take care of us.


  1. I love you and I am sorry! Praying now!!

  2. You know how much we love Maggie! We'll be praying for her strength and healing!

  3. Oh sweet Stephanie! I came over to check your blog and I read this. Will pray for your sweet Maggie!

  4. Stephanie-
    You are talking to a "major" animal lover here! I always wanted to be a vet and some ways still do. I will be praying exactly what you asked. Animals are huge, lovable, playful creatures that bring about a joy within. I can totally understand as we put down our 15 year old cattle dog down 2 years ago. I loved our Buster Brown dearly as he had done so much life with me and Ryan.
    So Maggie is such a part of your family, she's important to pray for and I will so right now. Keep us posted.

  5. Praying for you all! I have been there with a sick cat and piles of vet bills! Hope your sweet Maggie gets healed!

  6. Kristina is our vet to and she will do all she can! Praying for your sweet Maggie right now! It is soooo hard when animals struggle because they truly are a part of your family and have a place in your heart that no one else can fill!
    Please keep us posted Steph ok!


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