Monday, September 6, 2010

Football + Fishin + Family + Friends + Food = Fabulous!!

It's been a Fabulous weekend here.
Started with our first HS football game of the year. 
The weather was perfect & we got to visit with some friends.
I love football season. 
Saturday we just did a few things around here. 
Had lunch out on the deck.
Then we took the kids fishing.

We all caught a fish or two.

Lauren took Faith with her to train with her...she was tired after a short time. 
We were fishing with hot dogs. Can you see them in the lid of the tackle box?
Faith was patiently waiting for one of us to give her one. She sat there for the longest time watching the box. Faith is such a good dog!!
To top it off...Jaden loves planes & anything Army related...& this plane flew over us tons of times & it said "GO ARMY" on the bottom. It was so low. Jaden watched with amazement each time.
This picture of Matt makes me want to sing...
"I will make you fishers of men..."
Doesn't it make you?
Saturday night we made steaks & watched a movie with the kids. Perfect evening!!

Sunday afternoon after a fabulous church mom made Matt his bday meal...& topped it off with Strawberry cake & Strawberry Ice cream. Matt's favorite!!
Sunday evening we had several couples over from church that we have been wanting to have over all summer. Each for different reasons, so we just made it one big party & had them all. 
3 of them are young couples with little ones. Of course I had to take pics of them!!
This is Ella...Isn't she precious??
Baby Jillian is Ella's sister...& this is Dawson (remember him?)
Their parents are arranging their marriage already.
Jillian is named after Jillian from Biggest Loser...her daddy Sean was on the BL. 
Dawson's parents just launched our new campus Stone Canyon! 
These babies come from some pretty awesome parents that I adore. 
Brooke swinging away on the tire swing in our backyard. 
Monday...the girls & their good friends Jessica & Emma... made a birthday cake for our dogs. Faith & Summer turned one this year & the girls have been dying to make them a cake. Lauren found a recipe that we could make that was safe for dogs. 
Can you tell they are so excited? LOL
But they ate it up! 

I have to say...this has been one  of the most enjoyable weekends we have had in a long time. I have been trying to soak up this time with the kids. The interesting part of this weekend is we always go to my sister's lakehouse on Labor Day...but she made other plans this year & my kids were so upset because they love to go to her house and hang out. Of course God had better plans for us as a family this weekend that if we had went to the lake we would have missed out on all this fun. 
Sometimes I have to be reminded that His plans are way better than my plans & I need to let Him direct my path not me. It's been a fabulous weekend relaxing with my family. 

I pray you have had a chance to sit & be content with the ones you love. 
Not wanting anything else but to watch them smile.

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  1. Looks like a fun time!! Glad you were able to spend some family time together :) We did too!!


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