Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wanted: A Good Pair Of Jeans

One that makes my tummy disappear...
My booty look small
& my legs look long & skinny.

Pretty much asking for a miracle there huh? 

Because you see...

My problem area is my tummy..
I like to call it my permanent life preserver.
It's like a big round ring around my waste. 

Now I have to say the "Stouts" (my maiden name)
are blessed with little legs. AMEN!!

We are built like 2 toothpicks with an olive on top.

And...I'm jeans are always longer on me.

It would be alot easier if I looked like that model in those jeans up there.
But 3 my love for food...yep...that's just not happening. 
And I'm really ok with that. 

But shopping for a pair of jeans just about wears me slick!! 
My 20th HS reunion is this weekend & I would like to buy a good pair 
of jeans that fit good. 

I don't think I have bought a new pair about 2 years. 

Today...I will begin my hunt. I will walk into those stores
and try on about 50 pairs of jeans.
And I will pray that the Lord guides me directly to the path of 
"A Good Pair Of Jeans"
P.S. When it's over...I will need a  Skinny Pumpkin Spice Frapp to ease the pain. 
Anyone have any advice? Any Jeans you love? Anyone feel my pain?


  1. If you want a really, really good pair look at 7's and Citizens. Those are some of my favorites and I feel great in them BUT they'll cost ya an arm and a leg. However, the quality is great and they last forever.

  2. Also, GAP. Just got some there recently and they've been great.

  3. You're too funny! Hope you find the perfect pair of jeans for your reunion! I can relate to that 'ring around the waist' you mentioned! Getting older and having a metabolism that's slowing down doesn't help. God bless you on your search!

  4. Yeah.. That's not asking for much!! I'm still looking for the perfect pair myself! I swear it was a lot easier when we were teenagers!

    I know you don't have time for this, but I have heard you can take jeans in and have them altered to fit better?? I have never tried it, though.

  5. I hear ya girl...oh the pressure of it all :o)

  6. You are so funny! :) Try American the "boyfriend" jeans, so comfy!

  7. steph - you just can't imagine how hard it is to find jeans to fit me! i am short - 5'1 and not very big, so i have to find the ones in petite sizes. the jeans i like the best are Eddie Bauer and Old Navy! I had never worn old navy before until last fall and i tried them on and fell in love with them!

  8. Maybe we should just go back to the days when women could wear dresses with fullness in the skirt that hides all of those issues we all hate so much. Or we could wear pants with adjustable waistbands like our kids. Personally, I'm thankful for jeans weather. I get to hide all of those spider veins that my mom gave me.


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