Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hog Heaven?

Not sure that's how I feel about this being in my fridge...
Yep that's 113 Packages of Blue & Gold sausage.

And this in the freezer...
steaks...bacon & sausage biscuits...

Along with an ice chest...full of bacon...
Or all of this...in the freezer in the house.
Chicken Chunks...Tamales...& more bacon. 

My daughter is in FFA this year & sold over $2,000 worth of this meat. 
When you are selling it...you don't really think about how you are gonna keep all this cold.

But I almost went into a full panic yesterday at the thought of picking it all up..
.storing it & delivering it. 
But so far so good. 
And of course...Matt had a camp meeting so he missed out on all of this FUN. 
(he so owes me...:) 

Sometimes I wonder if these fund raisers are worth all the hassel. 
I've only allowed my kids to do the ones that go to directly to an activity
 or sport they are participating in. 
Because it seems like there are so many!! 

We will get this all delivered in the next few days. 
When Pigs Fly! 
Ok...I just wanted to use that line for some reason.

Anyone else out there delivering FFA meat or other fundraisers?
Or do you get tired of them...but know ya just gotta do it!
(really I don't mind...just want to whine about it to you) 


  1. Umm! do you have any extra???? I want some!!! Seriously!

  2. Hilarious! WE've done a lot of those fund raisers. We never did pork that we had to keep cold, though. It looks good! I could use some of that bacon now!

  3. Oh man, I remember you asking if anyone wanted any and I totally forgot to order. If there are any extras let me know. Have fun delivering!!

    Love and Blessings to you my friend!!

  4. Oh my word... that's funny. Don't know if I could cope for very long!

  5. Can you just give our steaks to my momma this weekend? She'll be in O-town this weekend. I can't remember what our cost was either, is there a chance you could remind me? Thanks!!

  6. Yep, we've bought our blue and gold for this year. I LOVE Blue and Gold. Of course I can say that because I don't have to store a bazillion pounds of it in my freezer!


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