Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Hood of a Jeep

You might not think this jeep is worth much.
But to me...it's where an epic event happened in my life.

My husband loves Jeeps.
This is the vehicle that he was driving his Freshman year in College.
It's a CJ 75. 
Almost as old as me.
It has some rust spots.
But to Matt...it totally fit his personality.
I thought he was so cute in it every time he drove by me. 

One cold night in February.
Our Jr. Year in college...on Dover Hill.
We sat on the hood of that jeep looking at the sky.

Next thing I know...
He is asking me to marry him right there on that hood.
Of course I made him get on his knee on the hood of that Jeep!

A couple of years into our marriage we had to sale that jeep.
Because we needed a computer for Matt's sermons.
(too bad that computer is in a dump somewhere worth nothing now)

I wish so bad I could track down that Jeep.
I'd buy it for Matt.
The above picture is on the day we sold it.
It just brings back so many memories to look at.

One day I hope Matt gets another jeep.
We'll go cruising it in it & reflect of how one moment 
changed our lives forever by simply sitting on a 
Hood of a Jeep.

Where did your hubby ask you to marry him?
Do you remember the car he was driving when you first meet him?

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  1. 50 yard line of Owen Field in Norman OK. That would be the home of the Oklahoma Sooners. Yes, we are both diehard fans so it is appropriate.:)


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