Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why I Count It All JOY Wednesday!!

It's Wednesday...Count Your JOY!!! 
Join my friend Angel as she spreads JOY! 

I am filled with JOY because...
(it's a long list this week...AMEN)

Saturday my MIL brought us her yummy Strawberry cake
 & since she reads my blog
she knows I'm obsessed with Pumpkin...
she also brought 2 pumpkin rolls. with Pecans for Matt & One w/out pecans for me. 
Yes...I'm a spoiled no pecan Brat...:)
My sister also came down this weekend &
On Sunday we celebrated her bday...
Monday...what a blessing breakfast was with these two amazing blog friends,
we were handed the lunch menu we stayed so long!
Very much filled me with JOY to sit & chat with each of you ladies!!
And it finally happened...Our chickens laid their first EGG!!! 
HOW EGG-citing!!!! 
Lauren came running in holding it up!!
Josh...our children's minister, his wife Jessica & precious son Jonah.
They sat by us at the football game Friday night.
 Josh loves our kids & they adore him. Jonah loves the big boys &
just hugged them and sat on Jaden's lap. This picture just
brings me so much JOY.

Jaden's teacher's mom has cancer &
 she will be out for a couple of weeks...
Jaden picked her flowers & 
took them to her yesterday.
His wife will be a lucky lady someday. 

My friend Amanda had her pancreas removed yesterday...
all has gone well..
she is the 13th person ever to receive this surgery.
 I will blog about it soon.

Last night I met with my PWs...always fills my spirit with JOY. 

All FFA money has been turned in...$2222 worth of meat. Yea baby!

God can take bitterness & turn it into JOY...if you let Him & I am.

And finally...this time next week I will be at Catalyst. I am having
lunch with all my PWs I've meet thru Leading & Loving It.
I. Can't. Wait. 


  1. A few things...

    My SIL LOVES Pumpkin Spice Lattes--you totally blessed her life this week - thank you :)

    My sister is named Christy too :o)

    Jaden's wife will be lucky someday because you are a great mom.

    and lastly, thanks for letting God work through you to be a blessing to others.

    Have a great week!

  2. What a wonderful and joy-filled post this is! Long lists are sooo good ;)
    It was such a wonderful time we had wasn't it !!! I hope we can make it a habit for sure!

    Your Jaden is a honey!! His wife will be blessed for sure!

    Can't wait to hear all about your time @ catalyst!! I know it will be awesome!

    Love you girl!

  3. Have fun at Catalyst! My MIL brings me stuff without nuts, too!! Have a great day!


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