Monday, September 13, 2010

Home Wreckers...Week #4

Looks that Kill, Part 1
Lust: A sexual desire that dishonors it's object & disregards God.

Sunday morning Charlie got real about sexual sin with us. Something that a lot of churches out there are choosing to ignore. But I'm here to tell you...we can't. 
Pornography is destroying lives & families like a wild fire. 
It's an addiction that just takes 1 time to look at & you are hooked.
Do you know the average age that a child sees porn for the first time is..
Does that just punch you in the stomach & take the wind out of you?
It does me. 
The following is an outline provided for us at me..
I'm not coming up with this on my own. :) 

Proverbs 7 (NLT)
While looking out his window, Solomon saw some naive young men 
& one in particular who lacked common sense. 

What did he do? 
He CROSSED (vs.7) the street....left the crowd. 
Near the house of an immoral woman.
Put himself in a bad quickly.
Just like it only takes a second to click on a mouse...& you are there. 

He was also ALONE (vs. 7,8)...broke away from the pack.
Lust breeds in the fertile ground of loneliness. 
You do it take an incredible risk.
God has set a need for accountability& boundaries. 
One way to know you are in trouble...
is when you don't want accountability.

Notice the time of day...@ TWILGHT (vs.9).
Secrecy will destroy your home.
To deal with have to bring it into the light.
MOST porn is purchased between 9pm & 2am....In the dark.
One thing you can do as a couple...Go to bed at the same time. 

There is always a PRICE (vs. 22-27) to pay for sin.
It is addictive. vs. 15-20 
It over promises & under delivers
It is destructive. vs. 21-27
It will cost you everything.
"Her bedroom is the den of death"

Pornography is not just something men are addicted to...women are just as susceptible. 
Technology has opened up so many avenues for our families to be enticed into such sin. 
Matt & I have had many talks about this subject because
 we have counseled a few couples who have faced this addiction. 
We have set our kids down & talked about it openly.
Our computer has safe guards to keep them from going to such sites.
We don't allow computers in their rooms or upstairs. 
But is it full proof? 

I just pray for their hearts & minds to be protected & for them to feel 
convicted by the Holy Spirit if such things are placed before them.
We must be proactive & talk about it with them.

Proverbs 4:23
Above all else, Guard your heart for it's the wellspring of life.

Share some ways you are "guarding your heart" from Porn & 
your husband & family.


  1. This is a big deal at our house. Over the years being Children's Pastors, we have seen this ruin so many families and kids lives. So many avoid discussing hard topics like this, but you are right, it needs to be discussed openly and in a loving environment with all kids and families!!

    Yay, that your church is addressing this so boldly!!

    Love and Blessings

  2. I plan on posting this sermon, just got on here today, decided to post a couple hilarious jokes instead, starting my followers off light this week, then I'll give it to them! lol
    Charlie did an awesome job. Unfortunately, a special needs school boy gets exposed by friends at his private school, its everywhere. The scary part is these boys all struggle with OCD. I have soo much praying to do, again, I started my weekly posts out light, for me too! lol
    Check out my 2 jokes, then grab your kleenex when you read my other post that is still showing, a letter I wrote. Let me know what you think.

  3. I think talking about it is awesome and sheds light on an ugly subject. We had Triple X church come here for a Sunday and our people loved it and it helped a lot!! 11 looking at porn, good grief?!

  4. I'm loving this Home Wreckers series your church is doing. What a fantastic way to help safeguard families from the temptations that lurk. Thank you for sharing!


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