Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Why I Count It ALL JOY Wednesday!!

It's Wednesday...a day to count our JOYS! 
Join my friend Angel & grab her button & count your JOYS!

Why Am I Filled With JOY this WEEK?

Last night I was able to attend a Virtual Conference For Pastors Wives! It was free & I got to sit in my own house & absorb some wisdom from some incredible women! The topic last night was how to handle criticism & relationships in the church. The conference is every Tuesday until October!!

I am leading a Virtual Roundtable of Pastors wives &
 I am so excited to get to connect with these ladies from all over the U. S. 

We had such a relaxing weekend....Amen.

I am having my first Giveaway!! Sign up by tonight!!

I received an email from Jaden's teacher that just made my said
"Just wanted you to know what an awesome kid you have....I sure have enjoyed Jaden" 
Do you know what that does for this momma's heart? 

It's raining refreshing. 

I have almost finished "So Long Insecurity" 
I know right? It's about time!

What is filling Your Heart With JOY this week???
I leave you with a few words from a song that is on my heart as I talk about JOY.

I'm trading my sorrows...I'm trading my pain...I'm laying it down 


  1. What joy to hear that our children are such a blessing to their teachers. I have always gotten those reports on the girls. Hoping Stunt Man is the same. Crossing my fingers and praying hard. LOL
    Yeah for giveaways too. FUN!

  2. What a sweet email :0) Love teachers who go that extra bit :)

    You will be getting more emails now soooo be prepared ;) You will love it and I am so glad you got it changed!

    LOVE you

  3. Yay for good notes from the teacher!! I always loved that (before I started homeschooling)

    Loving the rain here too!! And I love that song too!!

    We do need to schedule that coffee date soon!!

    Love and Blessings

  4. So excited about joining your virtual round-table!! I only have one tinsy little problem. I have to pick up my kids from school at 2:30 EST. So I will probably have to leave for a few minutes each time so I can go get them, but it won't take long because we live very close to the school. Again, I can't wait to join y'all. Thanks for being willing to lead!!

  5. As usual, I love reading your JOYS! I love making pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin mousse, pumpkin pudding, pumpkin dump cake.....

    What a great idea for a giveaway!

  6. I count it all joy that we get to sing praises to our Great God and lead others into doing the same! We do serve an Awesome God...

  7. Amen! Trading pain, sorrow AND insecurity for JOY!! Praise the Lord!


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