Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm His Biggest Fan

Ok...well maybe his dad is too...

3 nights a week Matt helps coach Jaden's team 
18- 4th grade boys on that team...
one can barely stand the ride home 
from the sour smell of sweat protruding from his body. 

On Saturdays...I sit on those metal benches...sweat rolling down my back & every where else on my body. Cheering him on...watching #66 tackle other boys. 
You know what I'm talking about don't you? 
Thank you Jesus that I love football. 
But it wouldn't matter if I didn't...
I would still sit there in weather so hot
 I think I might have peed my pants from all the sweat, 
weather so cold it feels like my toes are frozen
or worse...rain. 

We are's what we's our kids. 
Wouldn't miss it for anything. 
Because when he looks up in the stands
I want him to see
His mom is there to cheer him on.
Because..I'm one of his Biggest Fans.

Anyone else sitting at games being someone's biggest fan this weekend? 


  1. Your love for Jayden shines thru and HE will remember that YOU were in those stands cheering him on in the rain, sleet, or sweaty-stink'in heat!

    The best part for us, ... this is our "Mommy Paycheck!"

    Go Jayden!!!

  2. That's awesome. I can only imagine myself at a sporting event. Although I do not like football or many other sports for that matter, but if I have someone out there I know I'm hooked! There is just something about a team working together that seriously can bring this not-so-sports-fanatic to tears! Weird, I know...

  3. This post makes me happy to be married to a coach of an INDOOR sport!
    :-) Although I'm sure kids someday will be involved in outdoor sports...for now, I'm thankful for basketball gyms to take refuge in from the weather!

  4. I will be Cheering my Soccer player on as well as my cheerleader. We have a soccer game at noon and right around the corner at 1pm a football game that my oldest will be cheering for. Yeah for Sports Moms. It is so fun! We are blessed.

  5. You are a wonderful mom, wife, and person! :)
    (and virtual friend)


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