Friday, December 11, 2009

Are you Fake?

Well...we are...pre-lit and everything! Yep...we have an artificial tree! I have been seeing all these pretty trees on all the blogs so I thought I would give you a glimpse of our house too! You know..I love when the tree is up. It just makes the house feel so pretty and warm. I like order and so therefore a fake tree is for me. I like to know what it will look like and how to decorate it. My sweet hubby gets it all out of the box and puts it up for me. It would take me forever to connect all those plugs and it is a snap for him. Then I take over and decorate!

This is up close..the tanish round balls with the bows I found a couple of years ago on clearance after Christmas...they are my favorite!

Here are our stockings...we don't have a fireplace...when we built our house we didn't add one...which somedays...I regret that decision! So we have to hang them on a shelf, but Santa knows where to find them so that's ok.

IT's here...let the parties begin! We have our staff party tonight and a young couples game night tomorrow night! It's a packed out weekend with lots of fun things planned. I love this time of year. But I have been praying that I don't let it take over and overwhelm me. Just focus on Jesus and my family. Hope you and your family are enjoying this season. Lots to be done...and ever more to Praise God about!!


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  2. Your tree is just beautiful! I feel like you do sister, I try and keep my focus on Jesus and try not to get all caught up in the "have-to's" of the season. We can completely lose Jesus in the holiday if we allow ourselves to.

  3. I love the idea of hanging the stockings from crosses. I have never seen that...gonna have to copy you:o) Hope you are doing well - love and miss you bunches!!!


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