Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Let's get ready to RAMBLE!

Ya'll ready for this? It's a bunch of ramblings by me today! So try to stay up with me ok??? K!

Let's see...our weekend was filled with fun therefore the laundry didn't get done! I hadn't planned on subbing on Monday...but my favorite place to sub called in desperation and so I went...leaving a huge pile of laundry that had barfed itself up in my laundry room! After school I set out to complete my Christmas list..I think I have to my amazement! Got home...started dinner...sent one off to Basketball practice and by then it's 7:45 pm! Now when you get up at 4:45 am to workout...by this time of night...you are getting tired and grouchy! At this time...8:00 I find out my oldest daughter...yes Lauren! Has 2 finals in the morning to study for!!!! OK...stop and back up a minute! This weekend I had asked her several times...got homework...need to work on your science project due this week? No mom she would say. But @ 8:00 pm on Monday night she hands me a study guide filled with 60 questions for Reading and a study guide filled with 60 plus questions for Science! These are Honors classes so they are intense!! Like any good mom I begin to study with her...as we studied I realized..she really doesn't know all of this! I can feel the frustration building in me like a ticking bomb about to explode people!! And boom there it goes! I have to give the speech...when did you get these Lauren? On Friday...ON FRIDAY I say!!!! And we could have been studying these all weekend?!?!?! Instead we were playing outside and upstairs with our sister?!?!? I try to pull it together and study more with her...but at 9:00 pm...I was done...done...it was bedtime and she had been home since 4:00 and that should have been plenty of time. I took her study guide and sent her to bed very unhappy. I told her she deserves the grade she gets for not taking the time to study when she had plenty of time this weekend. You know...that was hard for me. I don't like doing things like that...but sometimes..you have to just let them fail to get it. I woke up several times last night and worried about it...but I just have to let her figure this out on her own. Any opinions on this?

Ok...I finally did it...I ordered my Christmas cards! I have never ever ordered them this late! This is the first year I just didn't have that picture I wanted! I really should have taken the time at Yellowstone to take a picture worthy of the card this summer. Though I did put one of our Yellowstone pics on there. It had a place for 3 pics. And I did something I am not a big fan of...Sunday I snapped a shot in front of our tree and put it on there. Pretty pathetic! I was desperate!

Labels: See I bought a Mac this year and I still haven't figured out how to transfer all my address labels to my computer from my PC. And wouldn't ya know it that darn thing crashed a couple of weeks ago!! Matt has them on his computer at work so we are trying to get them from there...and as luck would have it...his PC at work crashed also!! I just love PC's!! See he also got a Mac this year and most of his stuff is on it now, he found our old list on there, but the updated list is missing! So I don't know when I will get those card out. I might have to hand write all those addresses!!! Oh geez!! I send out about 90 to 100 cards. I might not have everyones address so I am going to work on gathering them this week. Do you feel my pain people???

Now look at me...I am letting all this get to me. I can feel it! I didn't sleep last night very well. As I was about asleep my husband ask me if I heard about some of our good friends house getting broken into. WHAT? I texted her at 11:00 pm hoping she was still awake...she was...so I called her. They only took a computer and a TV...probably some kids...in the middle of the day. They feel so unsafe at this point. Their girls are scared to be there alone. It's just a sick filling to know someone has been in your house. Praise God no one was there and she didn't walk in on them. SO I also laid awake worried about her along with Lauren's test.

I am missing BSF today because I am subbing...probably not a good idea. I really need it this week. Thanks for letting me ramble and carry on like a crazy woman today! I know I need to slow down...sit with God and let him take all my worries! It's all really not worth worrying about! I think of my friend Loren who is spending her last days with her sweet dad who is dying from cancer...I think about my cousin Lori who is weak from her chemo and yet has the best attitude in the world...and it reminds me...to focus on what's important in life. Hope you all are having a great week. I am going to try to put all this behind me and enjoy!

p.s. I did wake Lauren up early and let her study...:)


  1. Ashtyn is the same way about hw and studying and it makes me literally want to pull huge chunks of my hair out. It is a hard hard thing to balance for sure but I think you did the right thing. She is still young enough that a bad grade is not going to be as important to gpa and maybe she will have that lesson ingrained now before it really does make a large difference in scholarships, etc. Can you tell this is a very familiar subject to me? :o) Love you and hang in there!!

  2. Similar story .. (On Friday) Dawson, you have to get your homework done before you go to Braden's tonight. Okay. And he does. (On Monday) I look at Parent Portal ... F on a social studies test he had that day. Grrrrr ....... So, I e-mailed every single teacher to find out what his finals would cover and our rule last night was that we had to have ALL STUDYING THAT INVOLVED ME done by 8:00 p.m. (for the same reason .. I had been up since 4:55 a.m.) All went well last night and I sent him out the door prepared for his only final today (Science). We'll gear up for another round tonight .. two finals tomorrow. This will surprise you, though. Kyndal's AR goal is due in 5th hour today. Her ONE book she had to read this quarter to meet it is still not done .. only have done. Last night at 9:00 p.m. she still had 140 pages to read by 5th hour today. :)


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