Friday, December 18, 2009

Your Crown?

You know...I think as women our hair becomes our crown in someways. How my hair looks can effect my mood. Yesterday my cousin Lori had my sister shave her head. The chemo treatments she had a couple of weeks ago has caused it to fall out in chunks so she decided it was time. They borrowed Matt's shaving kit and my sister, Christy took on the task of shaving off Lori's hair yesterday. I think it was a hard task for Christy, but Lori was brave and did it with a smile...and maybe a few tears. I have just stood in amazement of how Lori has taken on her cancer and keep such a positive attitude. Please continue to pray for her healing.
I would like to get Lori some kind of wrap or beanie to wear on her head. Have you ever experienced shaving a cancer patients head before and do you have a great idea on what to get Lori to wear? She is a lot of fun and loves pretty things!

p.s. please pray for Loren...her father passed away this morning.


  1. Wow this had to be hard! I'm so glad your cousin is taking it well. Praying for God's grace for her and the family. God bless!

  2. Wow, I am sure that was really hard for your sister, and for Lori! I would have someone make her something, like off Etsy. That's just me, since I am not creative, at all!!

  3. My friend Phyllis wears different colored ball caps - really cute ones and she also ties scarves around her head and she always looks so beautiful!

    Praying for Lori as always.


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