Wednesday, December 23, 2009

OHS 1990 Girls..

Every night this week we have had something fun and picture worthy so I am going to just go for it! Monday night about 15 girls that I graduated with that are on Facebook went out to dinner. You know I am always nervous about these kind of things a little bit. You just never know how it will go being around people you really haven't been around in 20 years! Which when I say that i think..I will be out of school 20 years in 2010!! Gee Whiz!! But one of my good friends was going so we talked each other into it. We met at Teds. Here are some pics...
The whole Group

The Band girls! We had so much fun in Band...Ashley and Rhonda...great friends and very sweet!!

Angela and Leslie (aka Skeeter) Now these gals are the ones that could tell some wild Stories on me...some of the things we did we could easily be in jail for! You think I'm kidding...but I a NOT!! But they are all grown up and love the Lord too! Yeah!

Jenn and I..she is a strong and amazing woman. I admire her so much. Her daughter Haley had CF and struggled with it her entire life...but lived a outstanding life! She didn't let the disease slow her down and was a significant example to so many in her short life.

What's great is I get to see Shelley all the time! She goes to our church and she is so much fun
Cheryl, Tina, JoDawna, Wendy and Melissa

Shelley, Leslie, Angela, Jenn, me, Leslie

It was a great night of catching up with some of them. We moved back home almost 13 years ago and I really haven't spent much time with my HS friends and I am so glad God has allowed me to get to spend some time with them. It brings me so much joy to know so many of them love the Lord and are raising their families to do also. Thank you Jesus! But also I think he is telling me...reach out to the lost ones...they need to hear about Me!

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