Thursday, December 24, 2009

Giving is a Gift

When my cousin Lori was diagnosed one of my friends, Tracy sent out an email to all her friends asking them to pray for Lori and her family. Little did she know by hitting that send button it would bless Lori the way it has...the internet has changed our lives in so many ways...between email...blogs...Facebook and may other avenues we have a phenominal prayer chain. The email reached into the heart of a lady named Lisa Wilson @ Oak Tree Software and this is where God began to do His thing! Lisa collected a list from Amy (Lori's sister) of things that they wanted for Christmas...never imagining what would come of it.

On Tuesday night I meet Lisa @ Lori's house to help her get all the gifts in....OH MY GOODNESS!! We carried in bags and bags of gifts! I bet they had 10+ gifts of each one of them. Lori was completely is what she said in tears "I don't deserve this..there are so many people out there that need this besides me". I told her...these people are blessed to bless is a gift to them. They wanted to do this and she needs to accept that people want to help her. She has done so much for people over the years and now God is blessing her. I told her NEXT year when she is all better we will find a family and bless them...she agreed...she will be here next Christmas and we will do that! Along with the gifts they also gave her this amazing gift card book FULL of gift cards! It has slips under each card so you can keep a tally! It is soo cool!! One gift we asked for is a video camera for Lori to record herself talking to the kids...she is opening it here.

Lisa...what a sweet spirit she is! You could tell that it was truly a blessing for her to do this for Lori and she in no way wanted any glory for all of this. She said that is what Christmas is to others. A total to someone in need.

Here is what I saw...Lori and the kids feeling loved...seeing joy in their faces...forgetting for a little bit that Cancer has interrupted their lives...hope that everything was going to be ok...showing love to strangers...and that giving is a gift. See these smiling faces...that says it all. Meet Jacob, Lori, Lacy and Austin.

This is Lisa and her family with Lori's family...

Now after Lisa left my parents and sister show up...and if you know Lori she turns everything into a laugh! She shaved her head last week and someone gave her some wigs...they were a little old...but they meant well. She does have one from the Cancer Center that pretty...this is what happens when we all get together...

Ooooo who is that sexy brunette? LOL This is one of the old ones...

Here is her pretty one from the Cancer Center...

This is the group...isn't Lori pretty without hair too? She has a gorgeous head! end this is a gift....thank you Jesus for the gift of Salvation...the greatest gift we could ever receive. Thank you for blessing Lori's family this week.

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