Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bass Pro...making dreams come true..:)

At least that is what Jaden said while we were there!! This year we changed up our tradition of eating at Lamberts on the way home from Branson and decided to go to Bass Pro in Springfield and eat at their restaurant Hemingways. It is a nice place! Now...we are a family that doesn't eat out when we kids love it! This was a Sunday brunch buffet! Oh MY Stars! They had everything you could imagine...and to top it off they had a chocolate fountain at the dessert buffet! My son Jaden...8 years old...I swear that child ate 8 or more plates of food! It was like we couldn't get him enough food! My kids are good eaters and will usually try anything...which I am grateful they were just trying all they could! As we sat there Jaden came back with his plate and said..."this is a dream come true mom"...all this food". I about died laughing! I was so glad we could make his dreams come true with a buffet! LOL! What a little man he is! Which I didn't get a pic of him eating....I could just smack myself for that! But I had a migraine headache and I wasn't in my right mind at that time really. But I did manage to get a pic of Lauren eating chocolate covered strawberries...she is her mother's daughter when it comes to sweets and chocolate...

We walked around Bass Pro. They had Santa there and all kinds of games to play...we made an elf hat. I have a few pics...but like I said...I wasn't feeling great so I didn't take very many....

This is the big bear...scary huh!

So that is all my pics to share from thankful for a family that loves to spend time together!

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