Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Cards?

You know...I used to get the kids all dressed up and try to get this perfect picture with them for our Christmas card. But the last few years I have just settled with a random shot we have taken here or there. I love to take pictures and I have the fancy camera to take it so I have no excuse!! In fact the picture at the top of my blog is our last years Christmas card taken at SDC.
I have already received several Christmas cards.... you over achievers! Geez! Making us all look lazy! LOL! But really I need to get them out soon! I have a great pic of us at Silver Dollar City, but Matt forgot to take his sunglasses off...stink! So how about you? You already have those Christmas cards ready to go...mailed them yet? Do you just take a snap shot of our something professional? Then there is always...who do I mail them too? My list seems to grow every year. I don't mind though. It's fun!


  1. I try, but we usually send out Happy New Years cards! Due to my lack of planning and getting them out before Christmas. Plus, we can have our family take our pic and make sure everyone is looking and smiling. One year we did a month to month "card" that showed pics of what we did each month. That was a lot of work! Good luck on yours!

  2. Ha! I just picked up my Christmas cards yesterday so I'll spend some nights this week getting them addressed to send out. I love getting Christmas cards in the mail! Each day is such a treat to see who's card you receive.


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