Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Computer revived!

My Fabulous cousin Jacob...Lori's 17 year old a computer genius! He really is! He took our computer on Monday and found out it had too many anti-virus programs on it that were bogging it down...Who knew you could have too many anti-virus programs? And the reason the screen has been of my sweet little angels put a DVD in the computer and it doesn't play DVDs so it keep trying to read it and it couldn't! LOL! WOW...just needed to pop a cd out...that was brain surgery! Well atleast for us it was...we had no idea!
Our printer is about 7 years old (and didn't print well anymore) ...I sent Matt to the store to buy some ink for ink was $80! WHAT?? That is crazy! So being the smart guy he is...came home with a brand new printer for $60! LOL! It prints so nice! It is an Epson just like our old one. Hmmm...let's for $80 or a brand new printer for $60? CrAzY!!
So the computer is fixed and running faster than before...the kids are so excited! And the best part is...yes, I can get my labels off of it and print them although it is my old list...atleast it is better than nothing!! Yeah!! I will just have to update it.
I picked up my cards yesterday and I am going to try my hardest to get them out by Thursday or Friday! Tragedy diverted! I love opening up my mail box and all those cards in there! It makes me smile! I love seeing pictures of everyones families and how they have grown and changed this year. Fun times!

Enjoy your day...I will be making snow dough today for my son's Christmas party at school. I will post the recipe...if you need an idea for your child's is so fun to make this and they love to play with it!

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