Sunday, December 6, 2009

Home sweet home...

We went to Branson this's a tradition we started many years ago with my parents and my sister's family. We go the first weekend in December every year. We love it...

The condo we stayed in didn't have internet...which is good...lots of fun times together. But you's hard! I miss my blog So I am back now...I will catch up with all you this week.

I will share my sacred Spiced Pecan Recipe tomorrow that I make once a year! YUMMY!! Hope you all are enjoying this season. I love it! Lots to do though!!



  1. How much fun! I love family traditions like that! We usually go to Florida with my in-laws in March. We try to escape the cold weather!

  2. Wow, sounds like a very nice family weekend with lots of traditions and memories for the holiday season. :) Sweet fellowship.
    AND.... I can't wait to hear about this Spiced Pean Recipe, it sounds wonderful.
    Happy week, my friend.

  3. That is a great family tradition!! I have always wanted to visit Branson during this time of year... I hear it's amazing! :)


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