Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Big Top Cupcake

Ok..I got a big chuckle when my niece opened one of her Christmas gifts. She is going to Culunary school and wants to be a chef. For Christmas she had asked for the Big Top Cupcake...which I had seen on TV several weeks ago and Matt and I totally made fun of it! So when she opened it...we looked at each other and died laughing...

But I was soon "eating" my words. Kenzie made a carrot cake for my dad for his bday with this little thing and it was good!! You can put filling inside of it and then put the top on. She decorated it so cute! So...Aunt Steph and Uncle Matt  recommend this little cupcake for your child's bday cake. It fed all 10 of us with some left over! They were thin slices, but's more than you think in that little "Big" cupcake. I am not a informercial guru and you can actually get this at Walgreens my sister said. Anyway...just incase you are tempted to get's really not a bad deal.
This is her cake she made...remember it's a carrot cake...she did an amazing job on decorating it!


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