Thursday, December 3, 2009

Virtual Roundtable...

Today I was so blessed to be a part of a Virtual Roundtable with other Pastor's Wives from around America. I have to be honest...a couple of minutes before I was like...oh no! What will I say? Should I really do this? We were told we would talk for 2 HOURS.. Fear overwhelmed me for a few minutes even though I had really been looking forward to it!
So meet my 6 new friends:
Donna from Amarillo, TX...Jessica from Corpus Christi, TX...Cindy from Edmond, OK...Vanessa from Florence, SC....Kendra from Findlay, OH and Jennifer from North Carolina..(I think that is where she is from)

Here is a couple of pics...the first one is with my camera...I am on the top left..

This one is with my phone...Lori Wilhite had joined us for a few minutes:

I have to tell you I was so blessed by the conversation we had. Several of them are struggling with the same things I am right now and could totally relate and encourage me. Some have been thru change and transition and where able to share with me how to deal with it. We all have so much in common though we have never met. I am so thankful for this 2 hours we spent together. It really felt like we were sitting at a table having coffee by the end of it. I can't wait for the next one! So If you are a PW and haven't signed up for a roundtable on Lori's blog...go check it out and see when she is going to host another one. We use Toxbox. It is a way to communicate thru video on the internet. You need to have a webcam also. Thank you all so much for sharing your hearts with me today. It is just the beginning of something great God is going to do!!


  1. I saw you on Cindy Bealls FB page when I clicked on her status....I was like HEY THAT IS STEPH!!!!! HOW COOL for you guys to be able to come along side and share your hearts! I know being in the ministry is hard sometimes and only other pastors wives know that true depth! What a gift the Lord has given all of you!

    Thank you Steph for your Love, comments, Prayers and support to me and my family. It means so very much and I can feel it. It is going to be a rough road but I know the Lord is W/me and my family. Without HIM, this would be impossible to endure.

    Love you my friend

  2. Hey Steph! It was great chatting with all of you!! (Minus the fact that I had to exit stage left at the end :/). Look forward to connecting more!!

  3. How cool! Sorry I missed it! I am from Findlay, OH!! Too cool! That's my hometown! Hopefully I can join in the next one!


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