Saturday, December 26, 2009

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

And our dreams came true! We received around 8 inches of snow through the night and this is what our house looked like when we woke up! So after opening presents and making was time to play in the snow!! Our dogs had a blast chasing each other in the snow.

Then Matt broke out the 4 wheeler and luckily I had him stop
and purchase sleds a couple of days ago! Let the fun begin!

He pulled the kids behind the 4 wheeler...we live on a
country road and there is hardly any traffic...he even had his Santa hat on!
Matt and I all bundled up

Danielle and Brooke

Danielle throwing snow at wouldn't pack very well...

I even pulled Matt...:)

We enjoyed the snow...good times as a family!


  1. Fun Times and what a gift it was having a WHITE CHRISTMAS :)
    Hope you all had a very blessed day and wanted to thank you for your love and prayers!

    Love you

  2. AWESOME!!! A white Christmas....its soo pretty. :) Looks like yall had some fun for sure. :)


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