Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve @ my Parents

This year was a little different for our family because our church had to cancel the Christmas Eve service due to the weather. We were very sad about this, but we know it was for the best. But it left us with a lot of unplanned time to hang out so that we just made the most of it!! We always to go to my parents house on Christmas Eve and open presents. Since we were home earlier than usual...we watched Wheel of Fortune..which my family loves and I really think my mom should go on! Anyway...we told them whoever answered the puzzles would go first...needless to say...most of the adults go the puzzles...but it was fun anyway! We just gave the kids our turns.

We had tons of pics so I just made a slide show to make it easy! If you want to watch...great!
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We are so blessed to live so close to our family to get to share these precious memories together.

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