Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy 60th Birthday Dad!!

Today is my dad's 60th bday! WOW! Along with celebrating his bday we celebrated his 2 year post liver transplant. 2 years ago on Christmas Day he received a new liver that saved his life! It was a tough and scary road for us for about 6 months, but Praise God he pulled through and is doing so well today! It is a ABSOLUTE miracle. I have no doubt that God will and can still perform miracles!! There is no other explanation than that for my dad doing so well.

My dad is a hard working man. All my life I remember him working so hard to make ends meet for our family. I remember...when you could leave your windows open back in the day...him after working all day at the parts store....he would come home at night and work on people's cars in our garage. I remember the sounds coming into my room of his tools and the revving of the engines. He can take a car that is wreaked and rebuild it with his bare hands...that always totally blows my mind! He LoVeS to fish...loves Dallas Cowboys and Nascar racing. He is definitely a mans man if you can't tell. He can fix anything...and if he can't...he has friends who can! I remember when I was little he had this air pump in our garage. I would bring all my friends down to air up their tires on their bikes...I guess one day I brought my friend into the garage to have him air up their tire and after her was finished I said "See...I told you he was a genius". My dad loved this comment. But really I thought he was!!

He was tough on us. Didn't put up with anything. We knew not to mess with him or we would face the consequences and if we pushed my mom over the edge we knew we would have to deal with him next. SCaRy!! But you know...I always felt protected around him. I knew that if anyone tried to harm me...he would take them Out!!

It hasn't always been an easy relationship for me with him. I am sensitive and a hugger...but honestly I am probably more like him than I realize with some things. I look more like him and I have his red hair. As I have gotten older we have became closer. I see a soft hearted Papa who loves his grandkids. I see a Papa who loves to have his family close and would protect them at all cost. I see a Dad who is proud of his daughter and gives her hugs and loves her family. I see husband who loves his wife...and has for over 40 years now...he is a committed man. Committed to the Lord and living a life that praises him...a miracle walking around and knows that he is! So Happy Birthday Dad!! WOW! You look great for 60!
My mom and dad:

We love you,

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  1. Happy Birthday to your dad! He does look great for 60!!!! :)


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