Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Greg!

I stepped off the airplane after being gone for 2 weeks to Mexico for a school trip after graduation...and there he was standing by my sister...I was so confused...who is this guy? I asked my boyfriend at the time...Who is that guy? And he said...I think it is your sister's boyfriend...HUH? What? I get home and my mom says...you better get to know him...I think he is going to be your future brother in law. Ok..I was so confused...I was only gone for 2 weeks PeOpLe!!
As you know my sister had my niece Danielle while we were still living at home so we were very close. I was very protective of her and was not ready to let her go live with someone else...that I didn't know!! But you know...it didn't take me very long to love that guy! He is so fun and loved my sister and niece so much. They met in June and married in September. Quick huh? My sister moved to Joplin and I moved there to go to college so we were all close again. My brother in law let me do my laundry...hang out...eat his food and crash at his house with my friends during college. I even lived with them for summer. He is so generous and would do anything for us. Now...I have to say...we play jokes on each other all the time. Here are a few of the best ones...one time...after staying with them I came home and there was dog food in my shoes in my suitcase...he sets my alarm to wake me up and scare me in the middle of the night. Oh and I have hide in his suburban and jumped up and scared him on his way to work...he paid me back by swerving like a crazy man and throwing me around the back of the suburban! LOL! I have put shaving cream in his hand while sleeping and made him smack his face...anyway...you get the picture...we are buds and like to have fun together. I love him. My kids love him too.
Here are a few pictures of him....just to show you how he really is:
This is in New Orleans...it's a bed sheet on his head

This is at the lake...he goes every weekend.

Last weekend in Branson he stole my pillow...house shoes and scarf and laid in bed with Matt...they are a MESS!!!

So Happy Birthday Greg! We love you so much!!

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  1. How much fun you have with him! Sounds like a great person to have in your family!


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