Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lauren's test results....To parties!

So I checked our parent portal yesterday...for those of you who don't have lets you check your child's grades on all assignments! It is a wonderful tool for parents!

That little stinker...she made a 96% on her science test! Seriously! And she only missed 3 on her reading test so she made a 260 out of 275! Which is an A! I tell you she a blessed child or what? She kills me! Ugh! I am very proud of her for making such great grades. I don't know how she does it though. But from what I hear she is just like the rest of the teenagers out there...wait till the last minute and make your mom want to pull all the hair out of your head! LOL! She also had her BIG science project due this week so along with studying for her test every day she has had to create this project. It looks nice. I will blog about it...the results will make you not want to use a microwave ever again!!

I am putting my Christmas cards in the mail today! Hip Hip Hooray!! I am also Jaden's homeroom parent for his Christmas party today. I am so blessed to be able to help out at these things. This is the part of life I love about staying at home. My kids love me to be at their school...I love that! I have so many good friends that get to do the same thing today. WE ARE BLESSED MOMS!! And his Christmas Program is tonight...those are always precious!

How about you? Do you get to stay home and be a part of these events in your child's life?

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  1. Cards in the mail today ... ah, we still have done that yet, but plan to! Not much time left.

    Hope your Christmas is wonderful.


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