Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Morning!!

We were up by 7:00 am...Lauren wanted to make her famous sticky buns for everyone so she got busy on that so they could cook while we opened presents. She amazes me...she is growing up so fast. She loves to cook too.

While they were cooking the present opening began! We had a great time opening gifts. They buy stuff for each other every year and for Matt and I...I always love those gifts! They always get socks, undies, and gum in their stockings...and all 3 of them got a framed pic of Maggie.
Here is Jaden's pile!

His big gift was a guitar...he wants to take lessons...he has already started on my Mac by using the Garage band...he wants to play for Jesus at church some day...ahh...Lauren made him a little house for his 2 mice (not real) he loves to sleep in...he got a airsoft shotgun...a nerf double barrel gun...(I promise he isn't to big of red neck...he wants to be in the Air Force and fight for our country). I tunes card, and a cover for his Ipod...a rubix cube and a few things here and there.
Brooke's pile:

Brooke didn't really ask for anything big so she got lots of little things instead. She wanted some boots and some skinny jeans and some shirts. Barbie clothes and make-up...she is going to wear make up before Lauren...Oh My!...I tunes card and a cover for her Ipod, a necklace with a charm that says Faith and some other little things she wanted...
Lauren's Pile:
She also wanted boots and clothes mostly...I tunes card, headphones, cover, shoes, a Faith necklace also, crazy socks, hair bows, and lots of other little things here and there.
I wasn't going to show you our piles, but I want you to see Matt's...he is just so practical...and the kids know it...a grill cleaner..a roll up duct tape and a screwdriver! LOL! I did get him a GPS...he has wanted one so long and I got it for a really great price. It's something he we were going to buy I just went ahead. And the kids got me bubble bath...which I LOVE to take baths!! I would live in there if I could! And Matt got me a wireless mouse for my laptop which I am soo excited about as I am learning Photoshop Elements 8!

Each year I feel like our Christmas gets better and better. As the kids get older I think they are really starting to grasp what it is all about. They always say thank you and how much they love their gifts. It's worth all the hard work that goes into putting it altogether when I see how happy they are. I am a gift giver...I LoVe to see the look on their faces! I can't hardly wait for them to open their presents. So thankful that we are able to provide for our family like we can. I look forward to many more Christmas mornings together.

And finally we enjoyed our Yummy Sticky Buns...Thanks Lauren!!

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