Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Simple Gift Wrapping Idea

My sister in law does this and so I tried it this year after being there yesterday. You know..labeling and wrapping all those gifts takes some time! Every year Matt and I have a marathon wrapping night usually a few nights before Christmas after the kids go to bed. I like to just drag it all out one time and get it done! And people...I consider myself crafty and creative somewhat...but I totally STINK at wrapping gifts! It always looks like a kid wrapped it. I am not kidding you! But you don't care what it looks like...thank You for that! I really try to wrap most of their gifts...I like gift bags...but the kids love rippin open those gifts so I try to not to use very many bags for them.

Ok so here is the simple idea...I have 3 kids. I use 3 different kinds of wrapping for each kid. That way they are not labeled and they have no idea which ones are theirs! It's great!! This year I actually found some small rolls of paper at Target for little boxes and I bought 3 different colors instead I have 2 colors/kid. It really threw them off because they thought it would just be 3 different colors under there! LOL! Tricky woman huh?
The rest of our family...cuzins...aunts...grandparents...etc...I label them. But I don't have to by as many labels this way. I did write down the colors I used for each child because...I'm forgetful! :) Anyway...use it if you's just a fun way for our family to enjoy opening gifts!

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