Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How is Lori?

Well, I wanted to give an update on Lori. I haven't in a couple of weeks...but remember you can always go to her caring bridge site to keep up with things. Lori was in the hospital the week before Thanksgiving. After taking 9 rounds of radiation she was pretty dehydrated and in pain. They keep her from Friday until Tuesday. She made it to Thanksgiving, but was not there long. Her stomach is really bothering her and she is weak from everything. They don't know if it is her pain medicine or not. The cancer has started eating at her bones. It has fractured one of her ribs and has damaged her vertebra in her back. They are very concerned about this and the pain she is in. They are trying to get her into MD Anderson, but not sure that is going to be possible. Please pray her pain level will decrease and she will feel better in the days to come. It is so hard to watch her not feel good. She is a very fun loving person and full of life so this has been hard on her to be down. I spend the evening with her daughter Lacy on Saturday...she will be 21 in January. She is so worried about her mom...going to OU and she is a very bright young lady. Please pray for Lacy...that she will be able to handle finishing this semester and coming home for the holidays soon. She is a great girl and very close to her mom!

I have to say...one thing from all of this is to see God's people step up and take action. Our church family has taken in this family and helped support them. One advantage about being a PW is you get to hear the stories of how people are showing GOd's love to each other. There are so many small groups that are taking on helping out Lori's family and doing whatever is called of them to make her life easier right now. I don't know how people make it thru these struggles in life without a church family. I have seen it over and over how God uses his family to love others. And the amazing part of it is...as you serve others you are blessed and we watch people grow in their faith in God thru helping out. So THANK YOU to all of you who are praying for Lori...who are raking leaves...who are helping financially...who are making prayer shawls...and everything else you are doing! You are setting an example to many and growing the Kingdom! Thank you bloggers who are praying for them...I know you are an extension of God's family and we are all one big family in Christ no matter where we are in this world! Amen for that! So thankful to be called His child!
Love you all!!


  1. I will continue to pray for Lori and her family. How great about the body of Christ! I love hearing about believers taking care of their own.

  2. Steph,

    Please let me know WHAT I could do to help! SERIOUSLY! We would love to help out.

    Got a call from Dad last night and he told me that IF this chemo doesn't work there is nothing left to try. He has begun to look at other options like MDAnderson as well. But if they won't accept him they (mayo) told him he has 1-3 months left. I am devastated.

  3. Thanks for keeping us posted and updated. I'll be praying for Loren and the entire family affected with the situation. Much love to you.


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