Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thought I would share some of the pictures from our weekend in Branson. We always go shopping @ the Tanger Outlet and Branson Landing. It's fun and it's a great way to let the kids pick out things for Christmas they like...
This is my sis and I...being dorks and trying on warm hats...because is was stinkin cold!

Jaden's favorite part of the condo...we call it a shub.."a shower and a tub" all in one. He fills it up with bubbles and just plays in there forever! It's ok to use all the hot water when someone else is paying for it!! LOL! At our fill up the tub and there is no more hot water left!!

We always go eat at Hard Luck Diner. They sing songs and it's set up in the 50's. But the best part is the hand spun shakes...they are so creamy and they serve them in those metal cup thingys and then pour them into a chilled glass...Yummy!

So that's a glimpse of what we do...the next few post will be about Branson here and there..
**Now one last thing...the people above us had little ones...every morning at 7:00 we would hear a loud bang and then stomping...our ceiling fan was shaking from it!! So we didn't get to sleep in as much as we hoped. We actually called the front desk to complain..but when the front desk called...the people didn't answer...we even left a nice note asking them to please be respectful in the morning...but oh no...they didn't. As they were leaving in the morning we saw the evidence...3 boys...under the age of 6ish...YEP...wish they would have been under us instead of over us!!****So if you have little ones...ask for the bottom floor or don't let them jump off the bed at 7:00 am parents!!**** FOR GOODNESS SAKES!!!

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  1. Haha, that would so be my daughter! Loud! Glad you all had fun, what a fun tub!


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